24 Row White Planter
48 Row Planter

Planter Inspection 

Product Installation 

Basic Planter Inspection includes:

  • Blades and Seed Tubes

  • Vac System

  • Parallel Arm Bushings

  • Disc Openers

  • Gauge Wheels

  • Bearings

  • Closing Wheels

  • Wiring, Chain, & Drives

Includes but not limited to:

  • DeltaForce

  • SmartFirmer

  • Conceal

  • SpeedTube

  • FurrowJet

  • vApplyHD

  • YieldSense

  • CleanSweep

  • vDrive

  • Closing Wheels

  • Gauge Wheels

coolecting POGO data
2020 Planter Build

New Planter Build

We can build you a new Planter from scratch for a fraction of the cost of a OEM Dealer. These Planters are fully customized to you and your operation. Planter Builds come with the full benefits of Product Installation and Planter Inspection. We will be with you every step of the way, from helping pick out the bar, building and putting the seed in the ground.

Meter Inspection


Every meter we inspect, completely clean and run on the test stand for singulation. We want every pass to count. You will get a detailed copy of your meter inspection every time they are ran!

This is a free service we offer that comes with a field report! By using the POGO, we can see what areas of your planter need help. It's as simple as letting us walk your field.