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Big or Small, we can handle it all! 

Inside the Shop
2020 Field Day

September 2020, We held a field day for a personalized look into Precision Planting Products!

Clean Sweep, DeltaForce, vDrive

Clean Sweep with previous Delta Force and vDrive.

Delta Force and vDrive

24 rows of DeltaForce and vDrive!

CleanSweep, DeltaForce,Vdrive, mSet

CleanSweep, DeltaForce, vDrive, and mSets!


Close up of Precision Plantings new FurrowForce!

Newly Built Shop!

Rain or Shine, We can work on your equipment!

Adding DeltaForce and Vdrive

Taking of row units to shorten the bar and add DeltaForce and vDrive.

Flying the Drone

Can't have all work and no play!

Make every bushel count

We don't just do planters! YieldSense installed on a combine.

Meeting Room

We have a meeting room located in our shop to provide informational meetings!

Close Up of the Row Units.
Row Units Put Together!
The day the Planter Bar came in from Moore Built.
Planter getting all of its hoses put on.
All done and ready to Plant!
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