We can update your existing planter to make it the planter of the future or we can build you a new planter from the ground up and save you money.

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20/20 Downloads

Tired of waiting until the planter clinic to get your updates? Were you not able to make it and need the updates for planting? 

We are now able to offer you all the updates in one handy spot! You can now download it to your computer, put it on a flash drive and have all of your 20/20 downloads in one spot!

Click Download and get going! 

With high input costs EVERY seed has to count!

We get one shot each season to get seed, speed, spacing and population right!

Preventive Maintenance is your least expensive and most effective answer! Schedule your planter inspection with DJ's Planter Sales & Service, NOW while concerns are fresh from this year's planting. Bring your planter in for us to check wear on Hydraulic Hoses, Wiring Harnesses, Row Cleaners, Downforce Components, Seed Delivery System, Gauge Wheels, and Closing Wheels. We can make recommendations for repair and replacement. 

Technology in agriculture has been moving fast. Is your interest in just knowing what the next planter- improvement step is for you or do you want the latest and greatest planter technology available today? Small improvements or big changes we are here to explain all the options. 



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